Key Selfie Sticks Benefits

The first time I saw a selfie stick, I was having a hard time just figuring what this accessory was, and what on earth it could be used for. If you live near a tourist spot, or have been watching a lot of Keeping Up with the Kardashians lately, you must have asked the same question. Unless, of course, you are a selfie buff yourself. Lately, selfie sticks have emerged to be more of an everyday accessory than an exaggerated tool. In this post, we look at some of the key selfie pole benefits.

  • Makes It Possible for You to Take Group Photos – if you’ve been a selfie buff for quite some time, then you’ll understand very well that it’s quite difficult to take selfies featuring a group of people and still pull off a great photo. You might feel frustrated when you’re just trying to take a group selfie and then some of the faces come off looking weird. So how do you avoid this? A selfie pole makes it easier, and more possible, for you to take a great group selfie. You get more length, more angle and more options to take a great multiple-person selfie. Also, the selfie stick makes sure that no one from the group will be excluded from the photo.
  • No More Talking to Strangers – conventionally, you’d stop a stranger and ask them to take a photo of you when you were in a really nice place. But with the advent of selfie-cameras, this trend is slowly dying. Since your smartphone is equipped with a great selfie camera, you don’t need to stop people in tourist spots and giving them instructions on how to make the photo look great.
  • No Need for a Tripod – when you have a selfie stick, you’re good to go. You won’t need a tripod at all. A tripod is a 3-legged stand that keeps your camera stable. The bad things with tripods is that they are such a hustle to carry around. Unlike a selfie stick, which can easily be folded and carried just about anywhere.

All in all, a selfie stick is one of those key accessories that any photo-loving enthusiast will want to have around. There are scores of selfie stick brands in the market. When choosing for one to purchase, make sure that it’s long enough and that it can be connected to your smartphone wirelessly!

Most Important PS4 Accessories

If you own a PlayStation 4, then you most definitely understand that you ought to purchase a number of accessories to ensure that the device is running well. Depending on where and what you buy, you might end up spending a considerable amount of money on your PlayStation 4 accessories. In this post, I highlight the most important PlayStation 4 accessories that you ought to buy.

PS4 Cooling Fan

Above all other accessories, you’ll need a good PlayStation 4 cooling fan. This is an accessory that’s used to take care of the widely raved about PlayStation overheating problem. A good PS4 cooling fan will also work as a stand, and might also have in-built controllers charging functionality. The Orts PS4 vertical stand is one of the best cooling fan accessories in the market. This goes for about $24.99 on Amazon.

PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset

By default, the PlayStation 4 comes prepackaged with a mono headset. This will take care of everything when you’re issuing voice commands and listening to gameplay on your PlayStation 4. However, if you’re the kind that does online multiplayer gaming, you might need to get a headset model that’s a lot better. The PlayStation silver wired stereo headset is a great accessory that provides 7.1 virtual surround sound and a number of other features that will make your PlayStation 4 gaming a lot better. Check out this PS4 accessory here.

PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller

The PlayStation 4 comes bundled with a single controller. But as you might imagine, electronics components are subject to wear. Time often takes its toll on electronics devices and they might either fail or become less useful. So what do you do when things reach this stage? You can’t go wrong by purchasing an extra DualShock 4 controller. This will give you two working controllers (if the original one is still okay). This also makes it possible for you to share your favorite PlayStation games with friends. Contrary to what you might have heard elsewhere, an extra wireless DualShock 4 controller is a necessity rather than a luxury.

There are dozens, even tens of other accessories that you can get for your PS4. But these three are the most important. By purchasing them as soon as you buy your PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to make the best out of your device. You should also be keen to purchase your preferred video games as soon as you get your PlayStation 4.

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360

If you’re a power gamer, you have to go all the way when it comes to equipping yourself with top of the line accessories. For instance, if you’re a PS4 buff, you’ll need to get the best PS4 stand in the market. This makes it possible for you to conveniently make use of your console. A good PS4 vertical stand with a cooling fan will also allow you to easily charge both your controllers at the same time, as well as keep your console from overheating. Other than stands and chargers, headsets are the other most important accessory that you ought to get for your video gaming endeavors. In this post, we look at a number of the best video gaming headsets that you can get regardless of whether you’re using a PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC.

Best Gaming Headsets

  • SteelSeries H Wireless – this accessory scores as the best ever gaming headset, regardless of the gaming device you are using. It is effortless to use and comes with an excellent game audio.
  • Polk 4Shot – this is a comfortable, appealing headset that’s also the most affordable in the pack. Gets your gaming going!
  • Mad Catz F.R.E.Q 9 – this is a fantastic headset model that also offers fantastic audio quality and features. Works awesomely well for all gaming devices.
  • Kingston HyperX Cloud II – an affordable headset model that’s also packed with a wide range of features and extras.
  • SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism – if you’re looking for a mid-range headset that also ranks among the very best video gaming accessories, this one is it. It features an excellent design and works flawlessly well.
  • Creative Sound Blaster EVO zxr – this is a creative’s SBX Pro Studio tech that comes across the board as the star of the show. Although you’ll have to part with almost $300 to get this, it’s certainly worth it.
  • Turtle Beach Elite 800 – this is indeed the best headset for the PlayStation 4. It features an excellent all-rounder that works extra-ordinarily well with the PlayStation 4.
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 500X – this was the first ever wireless, and possible the best ever, headset for the Xbox One.
  • Sennheiser PC 363D – if you spend quite some time on your gaming console, or PC for that matter, this is the gaming headset you need to get. End to end, it was designed for hardcore gamers.


Best Place to Buy the PlayStation 4 Online

Looking to buy the PlayStation 4? You’re probably making the right move. The PlayStation 4 has been ranked, time and again, as the best video gaming console in the world. Sony did a hell of a job in trying to make this device as cool and capable as possible. The PS4 comes with an impressive features pack and offers incredible performance.

a)   Amazon

Amazon is the world’s number one online shopping marketplace. You certainly cannot go wrong doing your shopping on Amazon. This platform houses millions of legitimate sellers, and you can easily buy your favorite accessories and devices without having to worry about getting conned. Once you complete the transaction on Amazon, you’ll have to wait for a number of days (based on your shipping address) before you can get the product. When buying the PS4 from a particular seller, make sure that you comprehensively read all the reviews to make sure that you are familiar with the device, based on other buyers’ depiction of it.

b)   BestBuy

BestBuy isn’t particularly the best online shopping store in the world, but it’s all the same a notable one, particularly if you’re looking for electronics products. BestBuy offers the PS4 at a bargain price, you’ll certainly be able to get your PS4 after a couple of days with their fast shipping.

c)    Walmart

You might be surprised that this one is included in this list, but you certainly can conveniently shop online from Walmart. The Walmart website offers a cool online shopping experience, and you’ll certainly be able to get your purchases shipped to you considerably fast.

d)   eBay

eBay is widely known as an auctioneering marketplace. This is the first place you should look especially if you intend to get a second hand PS4. Although there have been numerous complaints on con sellers on this platform, eBay offers a buyer protection problem that will keep your monies safe.

How to Clean your PlayStation 4 Controllers

Your PlayStation 4 is unmistakably a pricey gadget. Going for a couple of hundred bucks, this device needs to be taken care of. The controllers are particularly prone to dirt. In this post, I’ll tell you how you can clean your PS4 controllers.

What You’ll Need

  • Compressed air
  • Microfiber cloth

Cleaning your PS4 Controllers

  1. You’ll have to unplug the cable (charger) from the controller. If you’ve connected headphones, get them away for now.
  2. Get the controller in one hand and the compressed air in the other. Employ short burst of air from the compressed can along the face of the controller. Doing it keenly and don’t ignore some sections of the controller. Cleaning a controller is particularly challenging since you need to blow out the dust that may have accumulated along the touchpad’s creases. More dust may also accumulate along the creases of the home button, face buttons, options and share buttons, d-pad and analog sticks. Grab the top side of the controller towards you and then repeat the compressed-air cleaning procedure on the triggers and bumpers. Finish up by blowing away dust from the inside of the micro-USB port on the top, as well as the bottom-placed headphone jack.
  3. Using your microfiber cloth, wipe off the back of your controller, and then wipe the handles. Don’t forget to wipe off the touch pad as well as the shiny plastic face around the d-pad and the buttons. You’ll also need to place a corner of the cloth into the analog sticks’ grooves. The best you can do is try to push dust out of them. Place the microfiber flat on your thumb sticks, and apply pressure with your thumb to wipe dust off.
  4. This far, your controller should be sparkling clean. Re-plug any and all accessories that you have removed for purposes of cleaning.
  5. Turn on your controller and get back to action.

Why the PS4 is the Best Video Gaming Console

There are a number of video gaming consoles available in the market now. If you’re a video gaming buff, the kind of console you’re using will largely depend on what brands you trust. The Microsoft Xbox One is increasingly a popular video gaming console. More so, previous versions from Microsoft, Nintendo and a host of other companies have also managed to cut their niche across the global market. However, if you haven’t made acquaintances with the PlayStation 4 as yet, you’re out in the cold – and missing a lot as gamer. In this article, we look at a number of reasons why the PlayStation 4 is (or is not) the best video gaming console available in the market.

PS4 Specifications

When it comes to computing-centered electronics, it’s almost always about the specifications. If the specifications don’t look good enough, then you certainly won’t be getting a lot of performance from the respective device. Before we go to anything else, we need to analyze and evaluate the PlayStation 4 features set. First things first, this cool video gaming console from Sony packs the punch of an octa-core (8 core) processor. A 500-GB hard disk, Blu-ray Disc Player, HDMI, USB 3.0, Radeon Graphics Controller Model, support for dual-layer media, network connectivity, 1.60 GHz clock speed, and a host of other ports and capabilities make the PS4 a truly powerful device.

Reasons why the PS4 Beats All Other Video Gaming Consoles

To put everything in one cart, there are multiple reasons why the PlayStation 4 is one of the best video gaming consoles available in the market. The device offers incredible performance, a good value pack, excellent graphics and remote play. Add the awesome DualShock 4 to all this and you’ll easily understand why the PlayStation 4 comes across the board as the number 1 video gaming console.

Cons of the PS4

Like most other electronics devices, the PlayStation 4 is not without its cons. Although this device offers a lot in terms of performance and functionality, it’s still lacking in some aspects. To get the complete picture, we’ll highlight a number of the notable PS4 cons:

  • Lacking media features
  • No simple DLNA
  • Lack of big exclusives
  • More applications are needed

The Verdict

Our verdict is collective – the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful video gaming console in the world. Ideally, this device is even better than it was a year ago. With AAA games available and features added, you get to make the best out of your video gaming cravings. The PS4 is definitely the console we always desired. It’s also worth mentioning that to make the best out of your PlayStation 4, you’ll need to equip yourself with a number of accessories, including a PS4 stand and probably a nice headset from Sony.

How to Use PS4 Remote Play

Remote Play is a nice feature that allows PlayStation 4 users to play their video games via their PS Vita. Before you even get started, you need to make sure that you have updated the software on both platform to the most recent firmware versions. The PS Vita has a new prompt that says ‘PS4 Link’ that can be clicked so as to search for a PlayStation 4 that is running on the same network. What if your PlayStation 4 is on a different network? No worries. The PS Vita will search for it via the internet and then connect to it.

Take your time to allow your PlayStation 4 and your Vita to connect (link up) first. Navigate to your PS4’s Add Device screen where you’ll find a temporary code that you can enter on your PS Vita gadget. This effectively grants you access to both platforms, instantly allowing you to peruse the remote feature. Have it in mind that this is a one-time gig, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Once you do it for the first time, you’ll be good for the rest of the times you need to use Remote Play.

It’s worth mentioning that syncing the two gadgets requires a strong (sturdy) Wi-Fi connection. However, it’s seamless so you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of technical configurations. Once you’ve synced the gadgets, PS4 owners can now take control of their PS4 games via the Vita, by playing using the small screen.

Remote play has a limited range (albeit undefined). This feature is ideal when both the PS4 and the PlayStation Vita are situated within the confines of the same Wi-Fi connectivity when you’re playing the game. If you take Remove Play outside the confines of your network, you might encounter connectivity issues during gameplay. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can set up a hotspot on your LTE enabled smartphone to make wok.

Things to Know Before you Buy a PS4

Want to buy a PlayStation 4? Well, you can’t be wrong. The PlayStation 4 is indeed the best video gaming console available in the market today. Challenged only by the Microsoft Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 makes a great accessory to service your intense gaming needs. In this post, I’ll highlight several things you need to know before you actually buy a PlayStation 4.

Buying is Only Half the Bread

However hungry you are, you won’t be able to fully enjoy a half-baked bread. The same applies with the PS4. Buying the console is just half the journey. If you’ve done your research well, then you definitely know that your PS4 console still needs a number of accessories before you can make the best out of it. More so, you’ll have to buy games. I’d bet that you don’t want to get stuck with the launch PS4 games. One of the most important PS4 accessories that you need is a PS4 fan, or rather – a PS4 stand. This works to tackle the popular overheating problem and thus keeps your device in check. The ortz vertical PS4 stand is a great accessory that offers multiple functionality and goes for just $20 on Amazon. This PS4 accessory will be able to cool down your device, provide a dock station where you can simultaneously charge both your controllers, and at the same time offer a stand where you can rest your device in vertical position for better room placement.

Know What Accessories Are Necessary

Just because we say you need PS4 accessories to make the best out of your console doesn’t mean that you have to lay your hands on just about any accessory that you come across on eBay. Some accessories are necessary, while others are not. For instance, a PS4 stand would be considered to be a necessary accessory, while a PS4 VR headset would be a luxury rather than a necessity. Unless you have packs of hundreds of dollars to splash away on the retail market, just buy what you NEED to keep the gaming experience real.

Do Your Research on Games

There are more PS4 games that you’ll have time to play. Possibly, you can’t play all of them and still have time to attend your classes, to go work and engage in the usual household duties. Do your research well. We all have different tastes. If you’re looking for a ‘heist’ genre game to make the best out of your console, do preliminary research to identify the best heist game available in the market. Maybe it’s Payday 2, but maybe it’s not! Websites such as GameStop offer a comprehensive review and listing of games that will have you taken care of. Be sure to choose wisely, and enjoy the experience fully.